Anthony & Lynne James

We appreciate the care you gave to Mary James. Her needs were met with patience and comfort. Thank you so much.

The Odyssey HealthCare Team

Thank you for making a difference.

The Swift Family

Thank you so much for making the last days of our mother & grandma enjoyable. Thank you so much.

The Egilssen Family

Thank you! Your love and care of Olof was top shelf! We appreciate all you did for her.

Fred & Judy Bartlett

Thank you all so much for your care and concern for Clarke. We truly appreciate all of you and what you do.


My mom has been suffering from dementia for many years. Fortunately for us, her type of dementia did not rob mom of her ability to know us and share in our lives. But it took away her ability to physically care for herself. She has not walked for over a year, and was dependent on her caregivers for almost all of her physical needs. Mom still loved the beauty of a song, the taste of a piece of dark chocolate, her family and the wonderful caregivers that surround her. Sunday, Marsha and I joined her in celebrating Christmas at her group home. Mom loved the music performances, and as always the food (a true Cajun). I can still see her raising her hand at the finish of each song and yelling YEAH!!!! Monday morning she suddenly became ill and never recovered. She passed to a perfect place in the early hours of today. I was with her for the past four days including at the end. I am so blessed to be a part of her death. She was getting hospice care, surrounded by many that truly cared for her. She is with Jesus now and dad. I wish I could hear all about the beauty of her fist day in heaven. I am certain that she is loving the freedom of losing her weakened human body. I cry for myself, but true and utter joy for mother. She is finally free! God's Peace to you all.

Lucille Campbell Family – Marsha, Cindy & Larry

That is what is important in my life and you showed me that you all also share my passions in life. Mom was special. We were lucky to be a part of this time in her life. Writing a Thank You note after the emotional week that we all experienced is very difficult. My heart was filled with such happiness as I was able to see and hear many of you care for mom and share your love for her - so many of you, so much love. I am certain that mom felt your love. As you all know, Martha and I were very involved in mom's care. As we searched for a new home for her this past summer, we were told "Burr Oak Manor is the BEST place in the state. The people are very caring." At our first visit, we saw your commitment to caring for the elderly in action. It was an easy decision to move mom to Burr Oak Manor. She always told me "If I can't be in my own house, I might as well be here. They take good care of me." We want to thank each and every one of you for your exceptional care of our mother and I need to thank you for your exceptional care of me too. It was very touching how you were all so concerned about my needs as well as mother's. I felt your love too."

Rev. Nathan & Diane, Matthew & Meredith

We are so grateful for your care and compassion in tending to the needs of Madge Doty these past 15 months, as well as for Bill last year. You bless the lives of your residents and their families, and may God continue to refresh your hearts and spirits. The oldest and youngest in our midst need the most nurture, especially when afflicted with disabilities. Thanks for sharing your abilities, skills, wisdom, experience and understanding with us. Love in Christ.

Barb Thorn – Aurora VNA Hospice

Just wanted to leave a note telling you how much I appreciate your staff. Every time I come they are always willing to assist me with a smile and never a complaint. Yours is one of the friendliest, if not the friendliest staff I have had the opportunity to work with.

Joan and Jim Preston

We want to thank the whole staff at Burr Oak who took such good care of our Aunt June. We have told so many people, including some of your staff, that all of you are like a large family and we believe that is why June adjusted so quickly to living at Burr Oak Manor. Everywhere and everyone she met became her friend and she will be missed by all. We would like to stop by occasionally to say hello and bring some Snickers. Again many thanks for the all you have done.

The William Osborn Family

Thanks again to all the caregivers who gave so much of themselves when caring for dad. We appreciate it.

June Kurchina

Thank you so much for taking such good care of Pat. It's a comfort to know she was in such good hands.

The Family of Rose Marie BellWith love and appreciation.

From the  bottom of our hearts we wish to thank each and every one of you for making a very difficult time for our family much easier and for all the excellent kindness that was shown towards mom. With love and appreciation.

My brother Nick will be greatly missed but I know he is receiving his reward from the God he loved and served. He did very much enjoy his stay at Burr Oak Manor. Giving him a garden gave him a purpose. He enjoyed the praise he received on his garden. Thanks for all you did for him.

Bob, Ray & Betty Gaul

There are not enough words to thank you for all you did for our dearly departed Lydia. Because of your facility, her last years were comfortable and pleasant. We saw Lydia treated with the dignity and respect she so deserved. Caregiving takes "Special People" and you and your staff are absolutely amazing! I will miss Burr Oak Manor and will always remember all the good times I spent visiting. I could go on and on about how wonderful I think you all are.

Joann Heaton

Thank  you for taking such special care of my mother, Lillian Timpe. She was lucky to have such beautiful and caring people. You are a very special group of individuals.

I just want to take a moment to say Thank You. Thank You to you and the rest of your wonderful staff at Burr Oak Manor. It was over seven years ago when we first brought Aunt Martha into your care. I have never once regretted the choice of Burr Oak and I thank God for leading me there for Martha. Never once did I question or feel any concern about the love and care I knew she was receiving from all the loving care givers at Burr Oak. I will never be able to repay you for everything you have done. God Bless you and all your wonderful staff.

I wanted to say thank you for the care you gave my Aunt Martha Hansen. Most people would say it is your jobs, but I feel what you do goes beyond what you are paid to do. It was obvious she was extremely well cared for. She was happy and that was due to all of you. I just wanted to let you know how much you are appreciated.

MaryAnne Bresnahan

Thank you all for the care you gave Jack. It will never be forgotten. Thank you again.

This is a letter of commendation to you and especially your staff for the wonderful care given to my father Edward Tobys, during his residency at Burr Oak Manor. Your care of him was as close to family as possible, but with the professional handling he never could have gotten at home. Your whole organization seems to possess that personal touch that I did not find at a larger institutional Nursing Home in Chicago. You can be assured I will recommend Burr Oak Manor whenever the subject is discussed.

Frank Paslaski Family

Thanks for the great care you've given Frank. Words alone can't express our gratitude. You guys are "THE BEST!" Thanks a million. We know he was in good hands.

Cindy Updegraff

Our entire family appreciates all of the great care you provided for dad! It is great knowing that he was in good hands in his final days.

Sue, Judy, Doug, Don, Dave & MaryRosewood Manor

Thank you all for the wonderful care you provided for our dad, Lynn Villiard. It was comforting knowing he was in the hands of such loving caring people.

Ellen & Family of Anne Flohr

There are not words that could express our gratitude over the last 3 1/2 years of your caring service & dedication to our mother. Thanks for being my mother's saving grace! Your professional manner was exceeded only by your warmth & human touch - always giving mom her dignity and going above and beyond to calm her fears, ease her pain or just brighter her day. You are indeed an amazing team and should be so proud of what you do. I will miss you all very much! You were a wonderful chapter in her life.

I have been meaning to write this note for months. On behalf of the Carver Family we really want to thank you all so very much for the fine care you give Vincent and Frances. We know they are in a wonderful home. We appreciate all the many efforts everyone makes to assure this time in Vincent and Frances's lives is comfortable safe and dignified.

As you all know, my mother, Martha, passed away at Burr Oak Manor. Our family is very saddened by the loss, but I wanted to write to you to express our thanks for a "job" well-done. My mother, for a number of years while in your care, considered Burr Oak Manor her "home" and would refer to your facility as such whenever we had picked her up to go somewhere.  I will be eternally grateful for the manner in which you took great care of my Mother, listened to her complaints, and dealt with her pain, concerns and suffering. All of our family could readily see how sincere and enthusiastic the care-giving became over the years. I will be heartily recommending Burr Oak Manor to anyone in need of the services you provide!


You all took such wonderful care of Jack. I know his last 3 months were peaceful for him and his family. I know I placed him in your loving care.


You will always hold a warm place in my heart because of your love and care and horsing around with my mom.

Lela & Shannon

We thank you so much for your genuine compassion and loving care of Estelle.


Thank you so much for your kind, patient and tender loving care of my non (Olof) over the past year. It made a difficult time so much easier for us all knowing that she was so we'll cared for. God Bless You All! With Love.

Cindy & Cathy & Daybreak Friends

Who do you know who's so generous? We do....Our thoughtful angels at Burr Oak/Rosewood :). We cannot thank you enough for always thinking of us. It warms our hearts to know we have such considerate friends as you.

Gerry Zarimka

Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers. Thanks for all your thoughtful care you gave my mom during her stay. I don't know all your names but I do know your smiles. May God Bless you all.

The Prejna Family

Thank you for taking good care of our mother. We appreciate everything the nurses and caregivers did for her during her stay at Burr Oak. We appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Selma Gunderson

We shall always remember with deep gratitude your comforting expression of sympathy.

Don K.

Thank you for your caring and for the great care of all on staff! We are lucky to have had you in our lives.

Ed & Marla

Thank you so much again. The world is a whole lot better place because of people like you. The whole family thanks you.

Rich Eaton, North Chicago VA

I again want to acknowledge the care, concern and dedication that you and your staff showed Mr. Skallish during his many years at Burr Oak Manor. The quality of his life was all the better for it; he lived with the dignity he deserved.

Charles Kirckenbauer

Dad told me many times how much he's enjoyed his stay at Burr Oak Manor and the wonderful caregivers he was blessed with. May you all be blessed with the same love and peace you showed to my father.

Jane & George Kreutzer

This is just a note to let you all know how grateful Don and myself are for the great care you gave to brother Bob while he was in your care. 'God bless you all.' Don and I are so glad we choose your facility for Bob's last days. Your kindness will be rewarded some time - some place. Love to all.

Chris & Alex Kristine

I sincerely appreciate the care you gave Maude during the last year of her life. She always told me how well she was being cared for and how comfortable she was. I always felt that she was in caring and capable hands. Again, thank you!

The Family of LeRoy MarshallWith great thanks and love.

We can't express enough of our gratitude for the care you gave our father LeRoy. In his last weeks with you not only did everyone loving help and care for him but all of us as well. By showing us this kindness you helped us through a very difficult time. With great thanks and love.

Marilyn Munz

I want you to know how very very much I appreciate the exceptional care you gave to my mother, Olive Munz. You each in your own way treated her as a unique individual and made her feel you enjoyed knowing her. The pats on the shoulder, the gentle teasing (whispered in her ear so she could hear), the extra hugs, drinks of water, cheery greetings and always being able to find her hat. How pleased she was to decide on the right jewelry for her outfit each day! You truly made her feel cared for safe and contented. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

Jane Setzler

We want to thank you for your kind wishes and care in dealing with Henry. Best wishes to all of you and thanks again.

Kathleen FoxThank you.

Our family appreciates all that Burr Oak did for George in his brief stay. We know he would want to thank you too for treating him with love and respect. Thank you.

Bob Metivier

You run a good Establishment. Thank you for your good care of Tom.

Sylvia Lenz, M.D. , Heidelberg Germany

David and I are wishing you and your entire staff a very peaceful Christmas and Happy New Year. We want to thank you and all the wonderful caretakers who gave my mother not only professional care but kindness in the last years of her life. I will at least stay in touch with your homepage and look at the pictures of the place where I last saw my mother and greatly relieved to know that she was happy and in good hands.


My heartfelt thank you to all of you for all of the T.L.C. you have given to me for all the years I've been here. You are the BEST!  My Love to all of you.

Phyllis & Erik Zingelman

We are thankful for the wonderful care given to our Mother over the past year. She was always treated with kindness and dignity. You have a wonderful staff.

Family of Cliff Mirocko

God blesses those who give of themselves. May He reward you for being so kind. Thanks so much for the care and affection you treated dad with.

Anne M.D.

Thank you for taking such good care of John and acting like his family.